A downloadable kinetic novel for Windows


  •  Created by: Cian Rice
  •  Music from "RPG Music" by David Vitas
  • Built in Twine + Unity + Cradle


Everything is controlled with the mouse, you must drag screen (horizontally or vertically) to read text. You can also do that using the mouse wheel. Left click on green passages to proceed.

Made for the Greek Mytholojam 2017.

This game is being released in an unfinished state due to life.

Made in Twine + Unity and powered by Cradle. This game was intended to be a successor to .HPP in ~/Slavery, a game made for the ART GAMES jam I did back in May of 2017.

.HPP IN ~/SLAVERY_0010 is a retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice through an MMO chat log. Imagine if you were playing .Hack or, if you like trash anime, Sword Art Online and dying in-game means a real death.


hppinslavery2windows.zip 27 MB

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