Content Warning:

Due to the incendiary nature of the current political climate in the US, the alternative facts (and actual facts) presented in this game may make you uncomfortable. There is some foul language, and this game does mention the current US administration's reference to a mass shooting that never happened. However, mass shootings are a disturbing and traumatizing part of American reality that greatly affects those who witness or know victims of them. If thinking about one is too much for you please be aware that this is briefly mentioned later in this story. Similar content warnings due to mentioning of the Commander Cheeto's blatant misogynism, xenophobia, and anti-Islamic viewpoints.

December 23rd, 1999. You are hearing a new song is soon to be released from the ultimate sell-outs: Metallica. It's their first new song since the spattering of singles from (Re)load - the "classic" that gave us "Fuel ".

So, as anyone who loves likes wishes for the good old days  of Metallica would, you're logging onto Napster through your Paprika OS 7™ terminal to download the leaked song. But... then shit gets weird.

Made as part of ART GAMES.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorCian Rice
Made withTwine


Download 6 MB

Install instructions

  • Played with a mouse.
  • Only tested in Google Chrome.
  • Downloadable version opens the browser to play game.

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