A Bitsy-Sized Mastodon Fan Game

I'm a big Mastodon fan, and I had wanted to make a fan game for awhile, originally I had been working on a silly Emperor of Sand inspired RPGMaker game that harkened back to the days of my childhood making silly fan games of Dragon Ball Z, Zelda, etc. It didn't feel like it was worth finishing though but the itch to do a fan game remained.

My itch to follow-through on a Mastodon fan-game remained though and today I decided to do it! This is a super-short narrative adventure about kindness and bullying, inspired by the track "Creature Lives" off Mastodon's 2011 album The Hunter. As such, the game's palette uses colors plucked from the album art of said album. The game is made in Bitsy, which is a really cool tool.

Enjoy this quick jaunt into fandom!

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