While listening to the NPR All Songs Considered "New Music Friday" podcast released on 1/26 I was astounded to learn that there are humans on this planet who believe the early 00's are now retro.

It boggled my mind and I can actually see it to some degree, but it got my gears going and I made a little Twine game about killing time in the early 00's. This game is styled to look like it was a really poorly made Geocities fan-site for something, hence the DBZ gif, MIDI of "Dragon Soul" and awful colors + fonts. Not to mention the marquee. I used an actual "<marquee>" tag for that one even.

I credit the sources of images and audio used on the Credits page, so check those out for where I found the images and sound.

Release date Jan 28, 2018
AuthorCian Rice
Made withbitsy, Twine
Tags2000s, Bitsy, geocities, silly, throwback, Twine


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This looks really neat and silly, but it goes past the bottom of my screen and doesn't let me scroll down so I was not able to advance very far :(

So I thought I had enabled scrollbars. I hadn't! I've enabled it now but can't quite remember if I had done any wonky style sheet work that may have also caused this issue. Scrollbars on itch should be working now though.