A bite-sized, surreal, closed-room, block-puzzle for beginners murder mystery built in GB Studio. Nothing is at it seems.

Check out "Dear Dev Diary", my YouTube series about building Pocket Mystery EP (and other, unannounced games!)

Additional Credits

Levels art built using Farmtiles by Teaceratops with some additional tiles created by yours truly. Music composed in Garageband and re-created in GB Studio's tracker. Sound effects built on an Analogue Pocket using FX Hammer.


Pocket Mystery EP 1.0 - Includes .pocket and .ROM files 150 kB

Install instructions

  • .pocket files are only playable using an Analogue Pocket. Head to Analogue's support documentation for more information.
  • The .rom file can be played on any emulator or device that supports it. People have played the game using OpenEmu and Visual Boy Advance.
  • GameBoy Color support is included, as is Super GameBoy, but the latter has not been tested.

Development log