A downloadable piece of garbage for Windows

Survival Noise is a stupid "game" that was originally made in 3 hours for Becker College's "Three Hour Game Jam". It took 3.75 hours to make (I spent 45 minutes on it two days later making it slightly better), and is a terrible, terrible game.

You have to move around a field dodging red dots, and picking up orange dots to enter bullet time mode (slows down enemies who have timer based movement - you don't). When the song ends you should be able to see the win screen... I wouldn't know for I cannot beat my own game.

Programming: Cian Rice

Art: Cian Rice

Song: "Arroz" by Vinicius Pippa

Built in Unity.


SurvivalNoise.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

Download the archive, and unzip to a folder. Click on the .exe and the game should run.