Link Cable: State of Play

About a month and a half ago, when I released the first episode of Link Cable, I was about to enter a partial hospital program (PHP, for short). I've been dealing with increased anxiety and depression as of late and been having some episodes relating to trauma.

I went through this partial hospitalization and came out learning I meet the criteria for "unspecified OCD" which was an interesting thing to learn about myself. I know a bit more about OCD than the average person - it's not anything like the cultural stereotype we have of it, that trope where someone describes themselves as "OCD" when they have to do things a certain way.

I knew it was as much about obsessive thoughts that you can't break out of, and that the compulsions weren't as immediately noticeable. I just never thought it was a fit for me, and nobody had ever suggested it as such.

I realized, going through the PHP and learning this about myself that this game is a perfect avenue to explore these issues and better understand them myself.

So, with that said what lies ahead for this project?

First, in early 2018 there will be Episode 1.5 - a more polished and realized version of the current episode, that also utilizes other itch projects to fully play the game.

Then, shortly after (I hope?) Episode 2.

Episode 2 will be the "dark middle chapter" of this project, which I'm now dubbing a trilogy. The final episode, of which I can't say there's a date will deal with other issues that will start to percolate through the revamped Episode 1 (again, calling it 1.5) and Episode 2.

But that's not the actual final piece of the puzzle.

The final piece is what will be dubbed (and if you played through Episode 1, this will not surprise you given a certain anime reference) Rewire of Link Cable. This was actually suggested to me by someone on the staff at my program - a game that deals with these issues but gives me (or, you, the player) a sense of control and agency over these events. The idea is to use this both as a coping tool in the sense I'm expressing things and as a coping tool to "roleplay" how I could've changed situations - not to dwell but to instead gain insight and inform future situations that may make me uncomfortable.

I also intend to a do a "Let's Play" of this current game at some stage - a Director's Commentary if you will.

Until next time! And remember (no) more fan service!

- Cian


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Oct 09, 2017

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