Announcing Link Cable: Lines from the Past

At the very beginning of 2017, I announced a game was coming from me. It was a separate beast than CLOCKBOUND EP (still happening, by the way) and the product of just me, myself, and I.

That game Life of SATOSHI, was convoluted in nature. I released a "playable teaser" in which players couldn't easily understand what any of the instructions were. If, per chance, you ran them through a bunch of decryption tools you'd probably find some simple, direct explanations to what you should do.

You also have to find a tweet on Twitter to "beat the game", but I believe that tweet may no longer exist.

I may have mentioned the actual game would be not necessarily one, confined experience. It was originally going to be hand written, from scratch in a "custom engine". I ditched this, and made a thing in Unity and RPGMaker.

And then I deleted it all. 

This is a weirdly personal game. Originally it was a mix of "escape room" mechanics combined with a Cat/Mouse style story - all of it a thinly veiled metaphor for issues I've been dealing with. This game didn't feel like the right way to do it but I still had some ideas of what could do it. I just wasn't sure if it was time to do it yet.

Well, sometimes your life takes a turn for the better with a nice surprise or two.

Sometimes the exact opposite happens.

So I knew I needed to make a game that expressed the thoughts I wished to present in the original project.

And that's why today, I'm here writing this post about a series of small, episodic experiences that connect together.

Link Cable: Lines from the Past is Life of SATOSHI's "final form".

Okay so it's not Golden Frieza final but whatever.

The game is a series of games. All made in RPGMaker MV. 

The games all recount real memories, recurring nightmares and dreams, and wrap them all in this weird narrative about a being named SATOSHI who helps people with the of their handy Gameboy Color.

The first chunk of stories will be out within the next week or two, hopefully. There's a few final tweaks I need to make to have it ready so please be patient with me on it.

What is it?

The game is a linear, interactive narrative that combines walking-sims, escape room games, the occasional JRPG style boss battle, pop quizzes, FMV games (not the first chapter, though), and more. 

More importantly, it's a sort of 'window' into things that eat at people, in this case ... me. I suffer from a lot of recurring, intense, nightmares. I also frequently find myself having flashbacks to bullying issues I've dealt with, and a past suicide attempt. The thing is, I've never been really good at putting these experiences into words - at least not verbally. I struggle with it a lot. I can write about it at least a little bit better but the sheer anxiety some of these induce I don't feel comes across.

I'm using gameplay and some video game tropes to hopefully paint a picture of these images that cripple me so frequently.

Part One

Part One is mostly introductory. You, as the player, will see a series of events that are while light on "play" I feel are more intense simply by the virtue of the light interaction you can do.

You'll experience  a dream sequence of nightmares, battle a Playstation 2, take a quiz, and if you're sneak enough... find a bonus scene.

Stay tuned.

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