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What is this game? What is it about?

This is a game about me. Framed through a weird narrative involving public transit, dreams, movies,  and gameboy colors I try to depict things burned in my mind in an interactive, but highly linear, narrative.

How is it structured?

This is an episodic title, and Episode 1 is already available for download on Windows. Episode 1.5, a "director's cut" version of Episode 1, will be available early next year, with Episode 2 following shortly behind that. Episode 3 is at a later date, and "Rewire of Link Cable" will follow eventually as well. You can find more details on this here.

Trigger Warning:

This is a game that deals with recurring thoughts, memories, and nightmares that are based off actual thoughts, memories, and nightmares of its creator. As such, this game tackles subjects such as suicide, addiction, self-harm, bullying, cyber-bullying, social anxieties and phobias, and more. Any list I would provide would fail to be all-inclusive but if you are uncomfortable with any of the aforementioned subjects you shouldn't feel you have to play this game unless you feel safe doing so.

Install instructions

Windows build now available.

To Install:

  • Unzip archive
  • Open "LINK CABLE.exe" to play


  • Z/Enter = "Confirm"
  • X/Esc = "Cancel"
  • Directional Arrows = Move



Development log

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