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A downloadable game for Windows

What is it?

Galaxy Hook is a puzzle game made for the GMTK Jam. Focusing on the theme of dual-purpose design, players use their grappling hook to solve puzzles and traverse the derelict space station they are stranded in. The game is controlled entirely with the mouse.


  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot/Retract Grapple Hook
  • Right Mouse Button: Propel Player (while grapple is hooked to an object)

The Team

Chris Bruno - Gameplay Programming

Sick Gilmartin - Sound Design

Cian Rice - Art

Neil Sveri - Gameplay, Graphics Programming

Marty Wong - Level Design

More information

Published 7 days ago
AuthorsCian Rice, Neil Sveri, hoksy, Chris234k
Tagsgame-jam, gmtk-jam, Space


Windows (16 MB)